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Little Haiti is a substantial myth location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The region is the home territory for the Haitian gang, led by Auntie Poulet.


Little Haiti is known for holding a lot of myths. The myths include a couple of strange textures, such as the King Cobra Symbol. Throughout the district, there are various haunted locations, such as the Haunted Haitian Drug Factory, House No. 252Phil's Place, Forsaken WharfEglise Baptiste De La Regeneration, Stygian HousesTunnelsVice City Junkyard and the Storm Drains. Little Haiti is home to the Romero family businesses, including Funeraria Romero, its graveyard, the Carnicero Romero, Manholes, Basement and Riverside Pavillion. There are a few vehicles of note scattered around, such as the Wrecked School Buses, Car Grave and the Submarine. Several bizarre myths including Giant Spiders are also found in the region.

The region is widely known for its entanglement in Voodoo Rituals, practiced by Auntie Poulet in her shack and around the region. Moreover, the area's murky outlook, along with poor lighting in many areas, give the impression of a cursed town, with a few irregular abandoned basements and alleys. Players have theorized that the region is cursed by baleful evil. However, these claims have not been demonstrated to be authentic. Players also claim to have sighted the Romero Hearse in the area.



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