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For the myth in GTA III, see Liberty Tree Myth Article (GTA III).

The Liberty Tree Myth Article, titled "Urban Myths Run Wild", is an article on the in-game Liberty Tree website that claims myths are hurting the city's image. The article is the successor of a similar article in Grand Theft Auto III.


The website can be found on the in-game internet system in Grand Theft Auto IV. The entire article is meant to be a representation of other myths reported in previous Grand Theft Auto games. The most possible, and most famous of the myths listed in the article are the Middle Park Whale and Alligators. The other claims, however, are considered to be false, and are simply references to myths in previous games.

Myths in the Article

  • The statement about Dead Pop Stars is a reference to the Zombie Elvis Found newspapers that can be seen in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, floating around on the streets.
  • The statement about Sasquatches is a reference to the very popular myth of Bigfoot in GTA San Andreas.
  • It is unknown why the article lists the myth of the Giant Alligators, since no such myth was ever reported in any previous game, except for GTA Vice City. However, its listing in this article has spawned a myth of its own.
  • The myth about the Secret Cities is a reference to the Ghost Town in Grand Theft Auto III.
  • Invincible Criminals is also a reference to the myth with the same name.
  • The part about the dogs could be a reference to the myth that dogs exist in GTA San Andreas.