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The Liberty City Cemetery is a cemetery located on Staunton Island, Liberty City, next to the church in Bedford Point in Grand Theft Auto III. The cemetery appears in 1998, the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, although by 2001, the setting of Grand Theft Auto III, the cemetery was partially paved over in favor of an opera house.


The cemetery serves as the resting place of Roger C. Hole (the late mayor of Liberty City), Paulie Sindacco (Don of the Sindacco Family), Vincenzo Cilli (Caporegime of Leone Family from 1994-1998), Dan Sucho, and Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay. Giovanni Casa also has a tombstone at the cemetery, despite his body being turned into sausage meat and being sold at his own delicatessen. Strangely, Joseph Daniel O'Toole has a tombstone, despite him being killed by Mickey Hamfists and his body being dumped into the water. Note that all people here in the cemetery, with the exception of O'Toole, were killed by no one other than Toni Cipriani throughout the storyline of GTA Liberty City Stories.

For unknown reasons, the cemetery lacks a tombstone for DB-P, Black Lightman, Faith W. (a possible explanation is that it's because their bodies were destroyed by the explosion of their cars), Toshiko Kasen, Kazuki Kasen, and Massimo Torini (maybe because his body was destroyed by the explosion of the helicopter). Other missing people killed during the story line include Avery Carrington and Ned Burner, however, their bodies were collected by Donald Love, presumably for him to eat on his flight out of Liberty City. There are rumors of moaning and groaning sounds in the cemetery that presumably come from a ghost.


The following is a list of the engravings on the gravestones.

  • Dan Sucho - Dead and what not...
  • Giovanni Casa - Gone...
  • Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay (nothing)
  • Joseph Daniel O'Toole - Sleeping with angels
  • Vincenzo Cilli - Not so lucky after all
  • Roger C. Hole - Running for office in heaven
  • Paulie Sindacco - Viva Las Venturas Baby


  • Both the gravestones of Paulie Sindacco and Roger C. Hole are noticeably larger and more grandiose than the other gravestones.
  • JD O'Toole's gravestone has a dildo on it.


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