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The Land Act Reservoir is a mythical location located at the far end of the Los Santos water reservoir and towers above a cliff edge in Grand Theft Auto V.


A myth originated from an unlikely rumor was spread about an old dam engineer, who was fixing a filter in the dam vent. Apparently, he was pulled into the vents and crushed by the machines. The vent's valve was shut at the time and so no water, nor machinery, could have sucked him through. To make the story less believable, they say that when they opened the valve, the water streaming down was tinted red with his blood.

Another myth about the Los Santos Dam is about a woman, who was stabbed on top of the dam, and was thrown into the water.

The only confirmed deaths connected to the reservoir are Dom Beasley's and Leonora Johnson's.

Video Investigation

GTA V Damned Abandoned (Myths) - Episode 4 - Haunted Dam10:02

GTA V Damned Abandoned (Myths) - Episode 4 - Haunted Dam


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