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Killer Cowboy
The killer with a desert eagle.
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Sightings Shady Creeks
Back O' Beyond
Ghost Lake
Behavior Dangerous
Existence PROVEN

The Killer Cowboy is a new myth in GTA San Andreas.


The first person that investigated this myth and found about it was AwesomeMythHunter (MythHunter2013 on this Wiki). This myth has to do with a particular pedestrian found in the game. This ped is a white male, who wears a cowboy hat, a checkered red and black jacket, and denim jeans. This pedestrian commonly spawns in rural areas or in the countrysides around the state, but players have reported that this pedestrian spawns with random weapons, ranging from knives to assault rifles. He is also known to carry a Desert Eagle and a Shotgun. 

This pedestrian normally spawns in rural or countryside areas, but the pedestrian involved with this myth can be found near the two bridges that connect Shady Creeks to Back O' Beyond. The pedestrian is known to attack the player unprovoked and with no warning at all. This myth is very strange, because it would be unusual to find pedestrians in very isolated areas like Back O' Beyond. 

It was first believed that the pedestrian was just misspawned, but soon rumors began to arise about the ped attacking players unprovoked. The myth then started to gain notoriety, as more and more players made rumors about the Killer Cowboy. Player reports say that your chance to encounter him increases in Stormy-Foggy weather late at night. 

Another belief is that the Killer Cowboy could potentially be the creature Rockstar mentioned was somewhere in the woods, also know as the Shady Creeks Creature.

Video Investigation-Proof

GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends -Killer Cowboy HD06:40

GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends -Killer Cowboy HD

Killer Cowboy Proof-101:41

Killer Cowboy Proof-1


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