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Appears in GTA San Andreas
Located in Bone County
Behavior UNKNOWN
Existence Rating FALSE

Kifflom is a myth in GTA San Andreas. He is the main god of the Epsilon Cult. He is worshiped by Epsilon Program Members.

GTA San Andreas

Kifflom is the religious figure that Epsilon members pray to. Kifflom is described as a tall blue creature, humorously resembling some sort of large chicken with extended wings and four legs. 

Kifflom's behavior is unknown, but most accounts say that the creature is neutral and does not attack. It is believed that every time Kifflom comes to earth, he comes in a different form; For example, this time he is coming as a chicken.

There is very little proof that Kifflom exists in physical form in GTA San Andreas. Kifflom is mentioned various times on the Epsilon Program website, as well as in-game by several characters and pedestrians. Unfortunately, there is no proof of any creature resembling Kifflom within the game's internal files. 


Kifflom added through mod


In Grand Theft Auto V, there are many missions involving the Epsilon Program cult and, thus, Kifflom. Kifflom himself/herself/itself however does not appear in any physical form in GTA V. He is often mentioned by the cult members in, for example, their greeting dialogue.

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