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Kidnappers are an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Kidnappers rate among the lesser-known myths in the game. The myth is based on a group of people who are reportedly abducting pedestrians within game. It is believed that these kidnappers own a specific factory. This factory is called Fallen Tree and is located in Flint County.

Basic in-game programming reveals that this group of people, driving vans around the base, transport technical material. Contradiction was later emerged when players opposed this fact and put forward a rather bizarre theory, in light of there thesis, these vans are infact used to transport abducted pedestrians to the hideout.

There is a small alternative road near the base that people think is the road that kidnappers use for transporting their victims. It is very unlikely, as no animation or code have been found in the files and also, because peds cannot sit in the backs of vans or trucks.

The road doesn't serve any purpose in the story, nor the factory does.


Video Investigation

GTA San Andreas Myths 07:36

GTA San Andreas Myths . Kidnapper THEORY - PARANORMAL PROJECT 23


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