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The Jetpack, also known as the Thruster in GTA Online, is a vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. and Grand Theft Auto V; the latter of which was related to the Mount Chiliad Mystery. The Jetpack was finally included in the game as part of the Doomsday Heist update for GTA Online.


GTA San Andreas


The Jetpack in GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas is the first game to feature a self-piloted Jetpack. The first appearance of the Jetpack is in the mission Black Project, in which Carl Johnson steals it from an underground lab in Area 69 for The Truth. After this mission, the Jetpack spawns at the Verdant Meadows Airfield. It can also be spawned with the cheat code YECGAA or ROCKETMAN. It is used in the mission Green Goo for stealing a jar of Green Goo from a moving train for The Truth. The players can use the Pistol, Sawn-Off Shotgun, and the Micro SMG while flying the jetpack. Some horseshoes collectibles can only be collected by the Jetpack, due to them being inaccessible through other normal means.


Many GTA fans believe that the Jetpack can be found in GTA V, due to a small symbol located on the bottom right corner of the mural located at the top cable car station on Mount Chiliad, which depicts a small stick figure on a Jetpack.

The Jetpack source code was found for the first time in the 1.12 update of GTA V by some hackers. By the 1.13 update, there were some new function codes added to the game, but there was still no physical Jetpack so it might come to GTA V via DLC. However, some unconfirmed reports state that the Jetpack may be found in the IAA Headquarters building in downtown Los Santos, or in Grapeseed. Some people think it might be in Fort Zancudo.

Inside of Lester's home, a box is adorned with a sticker of an Astronaut with a Jetpack and laser rifle. This could possibly be another reference to its existence.

Some people also think that Jetsam is related to Jetpack. Jetsam is also in Fort Zancudo's base, so that could be just a theory or a reference. And there is a 53rd mission, which is called Derailed. The mission is about a train that fell into Alamo Sea, so there is a possibility that parts are in Alamo Sea, or the location of the jetpack could be found out through the Mount Chiliad mural, as if one turned it upside down and placed it over Mount Chiliad on the map, it could show them the possible location of the jetpack.

Source Code

DRIVEBY_JETPACK // Setting it so you can shoot from the JETPACK just like parachute
.?AVCGadgetJetpack@@ // the actual jetpack just like parachute.

TASK_JETPACK(int unk);
XBL Toothpik found possible skis .data:838E1118 00000012 C .?AVCGadgetSkis@@
.rdata:820571DC 0000000D C START_SKIING
.rdata:820571D4 00000007 C SKIING
.rdata:820571C4 0000000E C FINISH_SKIING

This is the updated code in 1.13 update:

However, these codes were all removed in the next updates, which means Rockstar once was considering a Jetpack for the game, but the idea was cut, However, These codes might be returning for an Actual Jetpack for a Single Player DLC.

GTA Online

The Jetpack was added to the Doomsday Heist update for GTA Online, under the name "Thruster". It has a price of 3,657,500 dollars.



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Most famous jetpack video


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