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You may be looking for Jesse, a character from Breaking Bad, whose face is located on Mount Chiliad.

Jesse is a minor character featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


Jesse is a laid back bearded man and entertainer that can be witnessed preforming at Del Perro Pier. He is (as his name and appearance implies), a Jesus impersonator. When spoken to, he will talk about how he loves everyone and how his dad loves everyone as well, possibly referring to God. He sometimes tells Biblical stories from his personal experiences in a casual manner. 

He will spawn wearing blue jeans and a white shirt, with a crucifix around his neck.

Jesse serves as a simple Easter egg to players and is never mentioned in the game's storyline, apart from a small throwaway line said by Jimmy De Santa during the mission Reuniting the Family, in which he claims that his mother had sex with Jesse at some point.


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