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In Grand Theft Auto Online, the band fatal incursion is used to represent the real word band insane clown posse.


Although they're never seen or mentioned other than on posters, they have face paint that is similar to that of insane clown posses. In the loading screens of the next gen and current gen versions, wade can sometimes be seen wearing white and black face paint. This is also a reference to ICP. In sandy shores near Trevor's trailer, there is a small party in one of the broken-down houses near the water at night. The people there will all be wearing some type of paint and this is a reference to the annual gathering of the Juggalos that ICP hosts. In the mission where Trevor takes over the club, Wade talks about going out to the desert for the gathering with his friends. Seeing as how the gather is so close to Trevor's house, it seems like Wade was headed to the gathering near there. But since Trevor keeps him high all the time and made him forget who he was, he spends his time obeying Trevor without question.