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Human Organs are an easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


In Little Haiti, there are two side-by-side businesses: The Funeraria Romero and Carnicero Romero Family Butchers. Both businesses have similar names implying that they are owned by the same person or family.

In the front store window of the butcher shop, there is a small box that says "For Human Transplantation," and there are a human brain and arm amongst the other various animal parts sold at the butcher shop. There is also a white colored box with human organ written on it in red.

There is a skeleton without a forearm in the Funeraria Romero Cemetery, next to a hidden package. Fans have speculated the forearm to be the same one that is kept at the Butcher Shop. This is ironic, considering that the Butchers are also selling a human arm in their shop window. 

The Carnicero Romero is an easter egg. Its close proximity to the Funeral Home is a reference to the myth that real-life funeral homes sell their corpses to butcher shops, to be later sold to customers. Players have speculated that these organs are transported in Romero Hearse. However, this isn't yet confirmed.

The butcher's location in close proximity to a Pizza Stack has been known to make players believe that the pizza shop is using organs for toppings.

Another theory by the fans that Human Organs reference to Donald Love and supposedly purchased by him and he activities in the city but lack evidence to prove that. These Human Organs may also be smuggled via Vice City Port Authority, located a few blocks way, however, this isn't confirmed yet.


  • Organdude

    Hilary Briss easter egg.

    In the PS2 version of the game, within the glass, there is a picture of Hilary Briss. Briss is a character of the BBC's League of Gentlemen. Briss is commonly known as the "Demon Butcher," as his "Special Stuff" kills off most of the town's population.
  • Carnicero Romero is Spanish for "Rosemary Butcher."
  • Human Organs could be a conceivable reference to Haitian Voodoo Rituals as animal and human sacrifices are offered in Voodoo Ritual to gladden the Voodoo Lord, in order to seek dark powers.

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