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Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium is a location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium is a biker outfit shop in Downtown Vice City. Initially, Rockstar had planned to signify the store with much more importance, but some changes in the game were made. At first, the store was to be mentioned in Colonel Cortez' party, but was ousted due to unknown reasons. The store was also made inaccessible before the release of the game. The interior was then found out by players searching for obscurity in the store and concluded that the interior can be seen through the rocket launcher viewfinder. The famous PCJ-6000 was said to be found in the biker shop, but instead, a PCJ-600 can be found in the store. This myth puzzled a large number of myth hunters.


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