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House No. 252 is an obscure myth location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The house is located right next to the Funeraria Romero Graveyard, in a subtle region. Strangely, the house consists of only a single entrance that can be noticed from the Funeraria Romero Graveyard.

Initially, struggles were made to access the house, however, it later became apparent that the house is inaccessible. Situated so close to the skeleton, the house holds peculiar importance among retro myth hunting factions.

Years later, it was extracted that the house may be a reference to the bygone story, No. 252 Rue M. le Prince by Ralph Adam, written in the 18th century. Shockingly, the story revolves around a house of the same name and is supposedly possessed. In addition, the house shares also some similarities to one in the game. The copyright section of the storynotes that it was last updated January 2000, so it's quite possible a developer who read the story had it still fresh in their mind and could have given the house the number 252 when were working on Little Haiti.

There's a vague plausibility as the story hails from 1886, surprisingly Vice City is set up in 1986, exactly a century after the story.

It should be noted that, one of the windows on the texture, appears to have a pale white head staring out. Whether this is a human, a ghost, or just simple pareidolia has yet to be conclusively analysed. This is also thought to be a mythical Giant Spider, mainly because of the mucky web like texture, that also appears to be a gigantic spider.



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