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Horses are a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Horses were initially considered to be a land animals ousted from the game during the early development stages of the game. The rumor was the cause of vague claims by a neoseeker user named Poopy in the September of 2002, stating that a relative working for Rockstar, described to him certain features of the game;

Anyways I ask her what does she know about GTA:Miami and she says: 'Well... when I say I seen them play it what I mean is that I was only in the room for a few seconds at a time so I didn't really get a good look at it.' I prompt her by asking about what kind of cars and stuff did you see them driving. And she says: 'I seen them driving a moped type moterbyce and some weird lookin beach cars that looked like those Golf carts and there was one time when they were riding a horse.' But then she gets all devensive and says that they work on loads of different games at Rockstar and it could be a different game she's talkin about.

–Poopy on Neoseeker

Post hearing this claims, many players refuted and termed the story as fan fiction and a made up story by Poopy while others agreed on the stance that the game could be a different Rockstar project but overall, the existence of Horses in the Beta or the final version of the game is demonstrated to be largely false and fan fiction.