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The Hidden Treasure Theory is a possible myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The hidden treasure theory is formed on the basis of several architect models kept in the glass aquarium at Tommy's Ocean View Apartment. The models includes the Ocean Beach Lighthouse, a treasure chest, and the Chartered Libertine Lines shipwreck propeller. It is a feasible code left by the developer, that a treasure chest lies in the middle of the Ocean Beach Lighthouse and the shipwreck propeller. Several investigations demonstrated that the propeller is indeed a fragment of the Chartered Libertine Lines wreck. Although the treasure remains concealed in the wreck. Players have theorized that the treasure chest could be an indication to the Ocean View Hotel, since they're both in the middle of the lighthouse and the propeller.


During an internal file search, players viewed the model of the shipwreck, and concluded that it was entirely hollow and no such treasure was concealed in the wreck, but the myth still remains possible.


The results of the internal file search, the ship appearing entirely hollow.


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