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The Hidden Game Designers' Names are easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto III. They are located near the Ghost Town, in the northernmost area of Upstate Liberty.


If the player flies far enough north of the city, they will see the names of towns on their radar. Even though the towns don't physically exist in the game, their names can be seen on the map radar. The names of the towns are references to Rockstar's employees and game developers.


First, go to the airport in Shoreside Vale and get the Dodo. Take off while heading towards Staunton Island and turn 180 degrees so that you are now facing the ocean. Fly past the runway and turn right. For most of the flight, the player will now be flying around Liberty City clockwise. Continue flying around Liberty City and after a while, the player should reach the Ghost Town. Once in there, the player should constantly check the radar and then eventually, the names will be visible.

Game Designer's Names

  • Garystown  -  Gary McAdam, 3D artist
  • Chris's Town  -  Chris Rothwell , Designer
  • Adamton  -  Adam Cochrane/Adam Fowler, 3D artist and technical director, respectively 
  • Woodcunty  -  Alisdair Wood, 3D artist
  • Aaronsville  -  Aaron Garbut , Art director
  • Les County  -  Leslie Benzies, Producer
  • Obbeburgh  -  Obbe Vermeij, Technical director

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