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The Haunted Sprunk Factory is a myth location in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The factory is an abandoned facility which once produced and bottled Sprunk brand soda. The factory appears to have been abandoned for a very long time because it is very dilapidated and weathered. The Sprunk Factory is the location of several in-game myths. Sometimes the guards of a nearby strip club will shout and shoot at the player, which is a major source for most of the myths in the area. 

The factory itself is very old and run-down. It seems to have been abandoned long before 2008, although it is not known why it was abandoned. Many players have reported seeing black figures or apparitions throughout the building. Other players have reported hearing a scream or shout, usually after firing a gun, but that could be explained because there are bums that spawn throughout the factory. So far, there have been many in-game myth hunters researching the location, but most of the evidence they have found are questionable. As of now, this myth is considered to be unlikely, due to insufficient and a lack of credible evidence. The Haunted Sprunk Factory is one of the most popular sites for myth hunting in Grand Theft Auto IV.

It was discovered that, if the player fires a weapon inside the factory, the bouncer from the nearby Honkers strip club would shout and threaten him. Players may have mistaken the angry bouncer for a ghost voice. 

There are tramps that regularly spawn in the small tunnel under the factory. They should not be mistaken for any paranormal occurrences.

In one part of the factory, there is a largely collapsed floor with a broken sewage tunnel leaking. Many myth hunters believe this tunnel and even the room could be home to Giant Alligators.

Nevertheless, the Sprunk Factory's spooky ambiance makes it a prime hunting location for myth hunters.

Video Investigations

GTA IV - Myths & Legends - Sprunk Factory07:48

GTA IV - Myths & Legends - Sprunk Factory


GTA IV Myths & Legends - Sprunk Factory Ghost HD08:45

GTA IV Myths & Legends - Sprunk Factory Ghost HD


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