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The Ghost Train is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto V. It is also a minor myth in GTA San Andreas.


In Grand Theft Auto V, there have been numerous reports that players have seen train cars hitched together and rolling across the tracks with no engine car. This rare glitch can be witnessed in both GTA V and GTA Online, and there is a lot of proof in its favor. The train cars may spawn, sometimes in groups of 3-5, and they will be rolling at a steady rate and will gradually slow down and come to a stop after a while. The player is able to climb on top of these cars and inspect them normally. There is nothing out of the ordinary about these train cars, other than the fact that they spawn moving without any engine car powering them. This is an extremely peculiar glitch, and there are many online photos and videos showing this glitch occurring.

The player is not able to speed up the train cars, nor slow them down, by using any other vehicle to push them. 

If the "ghost" train cars come to a complete stop, sometimes another moving train will come from behind on the same track. When this happens, this train can be witnessed going through the "ghost" train cars, as if they were not there. This is not a glitch, and it was possibly implemented on purpose by game developers. Since trains are completely unstoppable and invincible, having two trains somehow colliding on the same track could possibly crash the game, so game developers made trains non-solid, when they touch each other.  


It is possible that the ghost train is simply the result of a spawn glitch, where the game spawns train cars but not the train's engine car. The reason the train cars are moving by themselves could be because whenever the game spawns trains, they are spawned already moving, regardless of whether or not an engine car is powering them. This phenomenon can be seen much more frequently in GTA Online, were overcrowded servers may be a primary factor in this bizarre spawn glitch. It is also possible that they were just detached from the engine off-screen.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Since the release of the game, there have been rumors of a supposed "ghost train" that randomly spawns along any of the railway tracks in the game. Apparently, the train will switch tracks without warning and attempt to run down the player. However, this myth is very unfounded and the details are quite lacking, and it is very unlikely that the myth is true. Trains cannot switch tracks in GTA San Andreas, since the two tracks constantly run parallel to each other and never cross at any point in the statewide rail system, except of Prickle Pine, although it is just temporary.


In 2008, a user named normangabor found that a Ghost Train does exist, but is totally different than the one explained above. In the mission Snail Trail, when CJ starts to follow the train and reaches the first tunnel, a second train on the right track starts coming towards him. If the player decides to follow that train, once he reaches Cranberry Station, the train will directly move to the right side and start floating on air. It will keep going straight, until it reaches the tracks, where in Wrong Side of the Tracks Big Smoke finished killing the Vagos. Then it'll start moving on the ground as a usual train would. This glitch was obviously almost impossible for anyone to ever discover cause no one would follow that train for no reason. Since his video was seen by a lot of less audience, it never got in light to the community. Later in 2014, another YouTube user named x3D proved it and then it was seen by AwesomeBoy in 2015. Because of this new evidence, the Ghost Train is considered proven.

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