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For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Ghost Ships (GTA Vice City).

Ghost Ships are a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Ghost Ships are mysterious occurrences in GTA San Andreas. Players claimed that they can be seen near the Gant Bridge and Kincaid Bridge in San Fierro during night time and foggy weather. Some players said that they can hear a ship's horn near the two bridges. The ship horn is believed to be the Ghost Ship's horn sounding, but there are 2 ships floating on the surface, so they probably were the ships that made the sound. Some also say that the player will see the waves (the waves seen behind a moving boat) on the water, but there is no boat making them. The explanation for this is that the players activated the 'Invisible Cars' cheat (cars are invisible, except their wheels) and that's why it happens.

Video Investigation

GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends - Ghost Shps12:33

GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends - Ghost Shps

GTA San Andreas Myths02:26

GTA San Andreas Myths . Animals & Ghost horn - PARANORMAL PROJECT 5

ulown00b's Investigation


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