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A Revenge Demotion is the act of a disgruntled user who seeks revenge on a staff member by way of filling a request for demotion. The GTA Myths Wiki's staff have the job of monitoring the wiki, and upholding a code of conduct. Civility is the rule that is most often broken by users and in some cases results in a Block. Upon a users' return from a block, they may seek out revenge on the staff member that issued the block by way of filling a demotion request. This act is not to help the wiki or improve the management of it, but rather to fulfill that users' vendetta against a member of the staff. All users will have conflict and disputes with each other at some point, but letting time pass and cooling off is what allows users to get past their quarrels and arguments.

If a user is found in violation of Revenge Demotion, the request regardless of votes, will be taken down by a staff member and the user will be notified of the rule. If the users persists they will be blocked.

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