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Funeraria Romero, also known as the Dead Centre, is a funeral parlor and an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The funeral house holds significant importance among early myths that emerged from the game.


Funeraria Romero is a mortician house located in Little Haiti. Players have theorized that the corpses are sold in a near at a nearby butcher shop called Carnicero Romero, the shop markets human organs on display in the shop window, such as an arm, a brain, and a white box reading Human Organ - for transplant. This theory is supported by the fact that the skeleton in the open grave in the Funeraria Romero Cemetery behind Funeraria Romero has an arm missing.

Players have speculated that the Romero may be a cannibalistic family that's driven to feed on human flesh. This is further supported by the fact that Romeros are based on George Romero. George Romero was a famous filmmaker of the Zombie genre, directing cult films based on zombie apocalypse, such as Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead.

Furthermore that the skeletons might be that of the Romero ancestors and this act might be hereditary. It is also said that the tombstones are stolen from certain graves. Apart from that, if the player looks closely, the tombstone of Steven Mulholland can be found at the Carnicero Romero in a display case. The weird fact is, this name is also mentioned in San Andreas on a grave in the graveyard in Palomino Creek. As the Romero Hearse is owned by the parlor, speculations have been made that these tombstones, or bodies, are transported in the Hearse.

The mission Two Bit Hit takes place near the shop, where Tommy Vercetti assassinates a Haitian warlord on the orders of Avery Carrington during the funeral of a previously decreased warlord, being held outside the Funeraria Romero.

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  • The "R" in the "Rest In Peace" sign is the Rockstar Games logo.
  • An advertisement for the business showcases a parody of Dracula. It shows a capture from the movie except Dracula is wearing a faux-disguise, with large glasses and a comical mustache.

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GTA Vice City - Misterio 001 - Funeraria Romero01:24

GTA Vice City - Misterio 001 - Funeraria Romero



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