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Forsaken House is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Forsaken House is an abandoned house situated in Phil's Place, the house bears the logo of the Allico JustOil in the game but the causes of the abandonment are unknown. The logo also sparks curiosity as a commercial building has nothing to offer in a place such as Phil's. Moreover, the structure of the house is different to that of other houses in the game. Strangely, the house features an interior, including a hollow room and if the player exploits a glitch and enters the house, the player will fall down the basement of the house which is sophisticated itself, the player can view the windows from the basement, although players can't sight the basement from the exterior, making it a very strange place to visit and investigate. A strange observation can be noted from the exterior, that some of the house slidings seem to be of a molten shape, dipping inside the house for unknown reasons, further adding to the peculiarity of the house.