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Face on Mount Chiliad

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Face on Mount Chiliad
Appearances Grand Theft Auto V
Sightings Mount Chiliad
Behavior NONE
Existence PROVEN

The Face on Mount Chiliad is an Easter Egg in GTA V. It is the illustration of a face of an unknown person that is located on the the northern slope of Mount Chiliad near the cable car station. The face itself is drawn on a rock edge, and appears to have been spray painted.

Upon closer inspection, the face bears a stunning resemblance to the face of Jesse Pinkman, one of the protagonists from the American television drama Breaking Bad. Also bears a good resemblance to the face of "Tom Syndicate" a british youtuber. However, some players theorize that the face is simply that of a game developer. The strange feature has no purpose in the game's storyline.

Although the easter egg is located on Mount Chiliad, it is in no way connected to the Mount Chiliad Mystery.

468px-Facemap bmp

Location of "the face" on the Map.

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