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Eucalyptus is a myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


And the wind sings through the branches of the eucalyptus. Hold up your arms and sing: All dwee my sky sailing pregnant moon the gardens.


Eucalyptus are a series of trees used in ancient witchcraft. Branches and leaves of these trees are said to be used in protection magic for witchcraft rituals. According to legends, a witch is said to be found near a Eucalyptus. Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonwaker also mentions the Eucalyptus ritual and its sound effects. Players have discovered that the trees in Vice Point Parks bear a similarity to the Eucalyptus. The Pichal Peri is said to be found near these trees, thus making it possible that the witch is in fact a Coven Witch in the game, but a genuine loophole still exists. The Pichal Peri is a false myth in the game, but the existence of Eucalyptus in the area still remains possible.


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