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The Dukes Cemetery is a cemetery and a mythical location located in Steinway, Dukes in Grand Theft Auto IV.  


The Dukes Cemetery is the second largest Cemetery in Liberty City, dwarfed only by Colony Island's. The humble resting grounds are located in Steinway on the North-Western tip of Dukes, overlooking the North-Eastern Humboldt river channel which flows under the East Borough and Dukes Bay bridge before meeting open sea.

The grounds sit opposite the Steinway park with the Eastern Algonquin skyline somewhat obscured by Charge Island's Industrial Installations.

While the cemetery has its fair share of humble grave markings, multiple lavish above ground tombs and wondrous obelisks stand proudly, clearly putting to rest any assumption that the graveyard exists only to serve the lower class.

Ghost Sightings

Players have reported sightings of the Ghost of Derrick McReary. However, this myth is partly false because if Francis is killed in the mission, he is buried at the Colony Island Cemetery. No tangible evidence relating to the Ghost of Derrick McReary has been found. Two graves, namely Derrick McReary's Grave and Vampire Grave. Those two graves made the myth hunting community observe them for various strange facts relating to them. The cemetery is reported for Vampire sightings, including Vampires, namely Dunkan the Morbid and Ravenvamp11 .

Players have reported a glitch that can be observed at the tombstone of Derrick McReary. The tombstone appears non-solid, with players able to walk and throw objects right through it.

Video Investigation

GTA IV Myths & Legends - Myth 5 - Dukes Cemetery Ghost

GTA IV Myths & Legends - Myth 5 - Dukes Cemetery Ghost