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Docks Worker or Model BMODK is a pedestrian in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Docks Worker is an employee who works at the docks, possibly working for construction or loading purposes.

The Docks Worker became known in the myth hunting community due to his presence at docks and more specifically, Phil's Depot. Players believed that the docks worker was the key to Vic Vance's Ghost and thus keeping a track of his activity can lead to the truth. The uproar began when players found out a quote associated with the worker:

Careful, docks is a dangerous place!

–Docks Worker

This further led players to believe that the worker might be hinting towards the ghost and possibly warning the player of potential paranormal danger, but skeptics dropped a bomb shell on the myth when they found the succeeding quote:

Yo, you wanna drown, man?

–Docks Worker

This unveiled the fact that the docks worker was actually warning the players from drowning. Several demonstrations support the theory. If the player causes chaos at docks, preferably Phil's Depot, pedestrians will run and fall in the sea, ultimately drowning themselves.


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