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Destructed Wall is a myth location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The myth revolves around a particular wall located in Downtown Vice City, with its upper half destructed by an unknown force. The bricks can be seen lying around the wall. The position, in which the wall is destructed, is suspicious, as the wall's destruction serves no purpose in the game, neither as a passage nor as a stunt set. Players have theorized that there could be an unknown force in the region that caused the destruction. However, nothing has ever been demonstrated to be true, as the destruction remains a myth. The Psychics are located near the wall.

The wall has been theorized to be included in order to give the place an edge with respect to realism and there has been mild debate about the destruction of the myth that varies from users claiming about unknown forces and users debunking the myth in a rational way and overall, questioning the myth's status all together. However, despite all the discussion, the actual cause of the destruction remains unknown.


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