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The Decapitated Head is either an Easter egg, or a glitch in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


During a cutscene in the mission Messing with the Man, a pedestrian's head can be seen laying on the floor. The mission is given by Mitch Baker at the Greasy Chopper. Rockstar's reason for placing this head is still unknown, however, it is too unlikely to be a glitch, since developers usually ensure perfect accuracy during the cutscenes. There is a slight possibility that it could be related to gang brutality, Mitch being a killer, or it's just a mechanic model. It could also be a pun from the name of the Greasy Chopper, because the head was chopped off.

Video Investigation

GTA- Vice City CUTSCENE -028- Messing With The Man01:19

GTA- Vice City CUTSCENE -028- Messing With The Man


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