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Cortezs' Ghost Yacht is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The myth is based on the in-game yacht, owned by Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez and is docked at Ocean Bay Marina, until the mission All Hands On Deck when Cortez bid farewell to Vice City upon discovering a potential threat from the French secret service. Post the departure, rumors began to circulate about sighting the yacht, most notably in Washington Beach and beyond the Invisible Barriers. One of the two models' of the Ghost Ships, include a yacht, so it's plausible that players mystify Cortezs' Yacht with these Ghost Ships. A strange fact is noted that the yacht can still be noticed on the map, post it's egress, implying players to believe in this paranormal phenomenon. However, it's likely to be a developer error. Besides these factors, this myth is termed as unlikely.



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