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The Church of Satan is an occult institution in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Church of Satan is located in the small town of Bayside. This building was originally recognized as a Catholic Church, but it wasn't cataloged for the reason of some diabolical paintings on the Church. It came to light that it was, in fact, a Satanic Church for modern occultism.

Several figures can be perceived around the Church, including an obvious Satanic delineation. A widely recognized portraiture of what possibly may be Lucifer can be seen on the stained-glass window. It's a symbol for Satanism and the Satanic community in the game.


Example of the brightness glitch.

The Church of Satan is home to a glitch that swaps its lighting. During the day, the church is dark, but at around midnight the Church will become full bright and becomes an obvious landmark.


Several people have reported spotting a Demon near the Church, this myth is popularly known as the Bayside Demon. This myth is most likely false.

Video Investigation

GTA San Andreas- satanic church01:54

GTA San Andreas- satanic church

Satanic church in GTA San Andreas?02:08

Satanic church in GTA San Andreas?


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