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Charles Manson is a myth and an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V.


In Vinewood Hills, there is graffiti on a brick wall that reads 1807, as well as an arrow pointing to a house.

This is a reference to career criminal Charlie Manson. The 18 and the arrow represents the house he shared with 18 other women that were a part of the group he led, The Manson Family. The 07 represents Manson's kill count of 7 people. This is simply an Easter egg referencing the Manson family, however, its discovery sparked a frenzy of rumors within the GTA community about whether or not Rockstar might have included another Charles Manson Easter egg in the game. Players have theorized that there is a pedestrian in the game, which bears a close resemblance to him, but these rumors are unlikely.

Other Explanation

Players theorize that the arrow may not be a reference to Manson. The arrow is pointing in the northwestern direction. If a line is drawn from the lake, the Galileo Observatory, as well as Lago Zancudo, are in its way. If that is the case, the 1807 could indicate an hour, which is 18:07 or 6:07 PM.


  • The house in game looks very much like his real house where he was arrested.


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