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Cement Shoe Men
One of the two men
Appearances GTA Vice City
Sightings Somewhere in the waters of Vice City
Existence PROVEN

The Cement Shoe Men are two dead men that are found underwater, with their feet inside dried cement. They can be found in GTA Vice City.


In two different locations around the city, two fat men wearing cement shoes can be seen underwater. The men are stripped of their clothes except for their underwear. They are also slightly obese, and appear to have been dead for not very long, because their skin hasn't been decomposed completely. They have their feet inside of dried cement and have been dumped into the ocean, which was a notorious method of torturing and killing people that the Mafia used in the 80s.

The Cement Shoe men are an Easter Egg, referencing the Mafia in Vice City. One of the Cement Shoe Men can be found north of 1102 Washington Street, across the water along the southwestern coast. The other is east of Skumole Shack, on the sea rock between Downtown and Leaf Links. This myth is closed and is said to be just an Easter Egg.


  • One of the men in cement shoes is believed be Diaz, due to his resemblance to the men. This is unlikely, however, because the men can be seen before Diaz's death from the beginning of the game. Also, both men are exactly identical in appearance.


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