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Car Wrecks are the remains of a car or any other vehicle that has been wrecked. They're either beached on land or floating in water. There are many car wrecks throughout the history of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and some of them are the subjects of myths within the game. This page lists them all, in the order of appearance.


Grand Theft Auto III

Car Wrecks first appeared in GTA III. Several wrecked cars can be found inside the 8-ball compound. The cars are arranged one by one there. Those cars appeared to be destroyed by bombs or vehicle destroying machine.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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In Little Havana, four wrecked cars can be found. About five car wrecks can be found in Little Haiti , north and north-west to the Print Works, near the Cubana Cigar Factory, alongside Kaufman Cabs and west to the Kaufman Cabs. 6 other wrecked cars can be found in Downtown, Vice City. There are about fifteen wrecked cars but nobody knows how they got there. The cars appear to be burned wrecks as if a car bomb destroyed them. Their wheels and roofs are gone, and the whole body of the car is completely grey.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Car Wrecks in GTA San Andreas are a common appearance in the less developed areas of Los Santos. On Grove Street, many wrecked vehicles can be found, from on the street, to in people's driveway or backyards. Along with groups of boxes, many car wrecks have been dumped into the Storm Drains. Many of these vehicles share the same model, appearing to be burned like the ones in Vice City. Their wheels are gone, and the whole body of the car is completely saturated in color. A wrecked Walton can be found next to the Catalina's Cabin in Fern Ridge. A wrecked and rusty Hotknife is seen in the Loco Low Co. garage, but the vehicle was probably deconstructed for extra parts.

Grand Theft Auto IV

A wreck of an unknown '90s sedan can be found in GTA IV, bearing a strong resemblance to the GTA San Andreas' Elegant, is the most common wreck in the game. A non-drivable Blista Compact can also be found in a chop shop. A Peyote wreck is also found in a chop shop.

There is also a pile-up of wrecked cars on the south-most road in Firefly Island, where there is a broken guardrail with cones surrounding it, along with several exploded vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto V

The wreck of a PCJ-600 in GTA V can be found next to Lamar's house on Forum Drive, Strawberry. A bus wreck appears in the Los Santos Storm Drain, the Murrieta Oil Field Car Scrapyard in El Burro Heights, Rogers Salvage & Scrap in La Puerta and Sandy Shores Airfield. The model of this wreck is exactly the same as the wrecked buses feature in Max Payne 3, a game also developed by Rockstar Games. It resembles a Wright Eclipse metropolitan transportation bus.