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The Cane Killer is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


This myth states that a criminal pedestrian with a cane can be found in foggy weather of the ghost town of Aldea Malvada.

The pedestrian is aggressive and attacks the player on sight. A homeless man, or any countryside pedestrian carrying a cane, can be found as the Cane Killer. Nothing else is known about this pedestrian, and it's existence in the game is highly disputed.

While video evidence of the Cane Killer exists, most players claim that it is fake and that the pedestrian is just modded into it. The user who uploaded the evidence is a very controversial figure in myth hunting, and his "too good to be true" type videos have led to criticism. A few explanations include:

  • A misspawned ped that is walking to the nearest pedestrian AI pathway.
  • A hotkey was used to spawn a pedestrian.
  • The ped was added in with special effects, and this could also be backed up, as the ped is using CJ's walking animation and is fullbright in the fog.

If it were to ever be proven true, it would be a glitch.

Video Investigation

MUST SEE ! GTA San Andreas NEW MYTH the cane killer PARANORMAL PROJECT 603:27

MUST SEE ! GTA San Andreas NEW MYTH the cane killer PARANORMAL PROJECT 6


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