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The ghost of CJ's mother, Beverly Johnson, is a false myth featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Overview and History

Beverly Johnson was killed in 1992 in a drive-by shooting carried out by the Ballas gang. Beverly was aimed to be standing on the left side of the house when killed which explains the wooden boards nailed across, she was also said to be facing the window looking outside.

Some players have reported seeing the ghost of Beverly Johnson, CJ's deceased mother, inside the Johnson House on Grove Street at night. The ghost allegedly walks down the stairs in and around the living room, and in some accounts even attacks the player. Many players claim that there is an increased chance of the ghost spawning if the in-game day is Friday, or if the player sets their computer clock to Halloween.

If the player throws a grenade in the Johnson House, large transparent squares appear over objects in the house, which disappear over time. These squares could be mistaken for the ghost.

Overall, there is insufficient evidence for this myth to be confirmed.

Players have also reported her ghost to be seen in the Vinewood Cemetery also, where she is buried. Many players have also linked the Ghost Graffiti to Beverly. 

Strangely, a pedestrian with the same model as Beverly's photo can be found in Los Santos and Las Venturas.

However, the myth was declared as false by Rockstars' CEO Tony Donovan in an interview in the EGM magazine. 

Video Investigation

GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends - CJ's Mom Ghost HD-3

GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends - CJ's Mom Ghost HD-3

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GTA San Andreas Myths . CJ's Mom Ghost - PARANORMAL PROJECT 26

ulown00b's Investigation

GTA San Andreas Myth 7- CJ's Mom's Ghost

GTA San Andreas Myth 7- CJ's Mom's Ghost


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