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CJ's Mom Ghost
CJ's mom ghost
Appearances Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Sightings The Johnson House, Ganton, Los Santos
Behavior HAUNTED
Existence FALSE

The ghost of CJ's mother, Beverly Johnson, is a myth featured in GTA San Andreas.

Overview and History

Some players have reported seeing the ghost of Beverly Johnson, CJ's deceased mother, inside the Johnson House in Ganton at night. The ghost allegedly walks down the stairs and around the living room, and in some accounts even attacks the player. There is insufficient evidence for this myth to be confirmed.

Players have also reported her ghost to be seen in the Vinewood Cemetery, where she is buried. Many players have also linked the Ghost Graffiti to Beverly. 

Beverly Johnson was killed in 1992 in a drive-by shooting carried out by the Ballas gang.

Strangely, a pedestrian with the same model as Beverly's photo can be found in Los Santos and Las Venturas. 
Beverly Johnson

The pedestrian that is identical to Beverly's photograph.


The photo of Beverly Johnson.

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