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The Shovel is a recurring weapon in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Shovels were introduced in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. A squared shovel is located near the entrance of the Vercetti Estate, upon the completion of the mission Two Bit Hit.[1] Squared shovels are reserved for burial purposes. Fans have claimed that this shovel was used in burying Ricardo Diaz or Sonny Forelli, although their graves are unseen in the game. This is likely to be false, as the shovel can be seen prior to Diazs' untimely demise. Other players theorized that Diaz used it to bury his foes.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The shovel is one of the most common weapons within San Andreas, and, due to its placement in rural areas, is associated with multiple myths. In the small town of Palomino Creek, a shovel can be found in a graveyard, which fans have linked to multiple mysteries, including Zombies and the Grave Robber. On Grove Street, there is a shovel in Ryder's backyard, which some have claimed is evidence leading towards the existence of Ryder's Ghost, but this is likely to be false, as the backyard is the place where Ryder was hiding his "water". Shovels are also prominent in other myth hotspots, such as the Angel Pine Junkyard and The Panopticon.


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