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Broker Funland is an abandoned amusement park in Grand Theft Auto IV. It's situated in the Firefly Beach, near the Firefly Projects in Broker borough. The place, due to its abandonment and creepy atmosphere, is a center of major attraction to the myth hunting community, who have connected the park to numerous bizarre theories that claim the idea of a ghost haunting the area, further stating that the mucky environment in and around the park might serve as the basis of the haunting.


Its history is unknown to the residents of Liberty City, but it can be perceived that it's quite famous among the locals.

During the mission First Date, Michelle states that the entire park is to be renovated into a Las Venturas type theme park. Ray Bulgarin's entire army was single-handedly taken out by Luis Fernando Lopez and the event is, by far, the most infamous incident that took place on the Firefly Island. Myth hunters claim the presence of a strange entity in the area and the feeling of being tracked down or followed by an unknown presence. This was later on supported by the fact that Tavell Clinton was hiding in the Screamer, but this theory is later dropped out as Tavell's exile takes place in 2013.

Players have also reported sighting Scary Clowns and other paranormal entities around the place, especially at night time as the entire park is shadowed by darkness, due to the absence of any light source, but despite numerous reports, the paranormal activity is never recorded and is only reported, thinning the chances of a future evidence as well.

It has also been rumored that the Screamer, an 85 feet roller coaster, is destined to fall as it was build by drunken Europeans around 100 years ago. It's based on the Coney Island Cyclone in New York City. The Corpse Ride based on Dante's Inferno also serves as a myth hunting attraction.