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Bloody Tires are a myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The bloody tires are located next to a trailer in Las Colinas. The tires have a strange red and brown coloring on them, which many players assume to be dried-up blood. Due to the location, players claim that the tires are evidence of serial killings in the countryside.

However, the browning on the tires can more likely be attributed to the metal portion rusting off to the atmosphere, especially due to common foggy weather and thunderstorms in the area.

Due to the low resolution nature of San Andreas, it could possibly be a lighting glitch, a malformed texture, or simply just a little detail Rockstar put in to make the countryside feel more realistic.


  • The road that the bloody tires are located on, is the same road that leads to the cabin in Northstar Rock, where an abandoned cabin is located.


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