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The Bloody Cell is a myth location in Grand Theft Auto III.


During the mission Kanbu Bust-Out, the player is instructed to break Yakuza member Kanbu out of prison. When the player arrives outside the cell of Kanbu, the sound of a man being beaten up can be heard. This is likely Kanbu. Once the car bomb is detonated, the cell wall collapses and the interior of the cell can be seen, as the player waits for Kanbu to get into their vehicle. On one side of the wall in the cell, there is a lot of blood with some bloody hand prints on the wall.

It is believed that this is similar to the Torture Cells in GTA Vice City. It could also be related to police brutality.

The blood texture is also used in Apartment 3C bathroom in GTA Vice City.

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Video Investigation

GTA lll Case Files - Case 4 - Bloody Cell05:26

GTA lll Case Files - Case 4 - Bloody Cell


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