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Blaine County Radio Community Hour is a call-in talk radio show in Grand Theft Auto V.


BCR Community Hour is hosted by Ron Jakowski, a paranoid conspiracy theorist. There is only one segment present in the vanilla game; which is about 20 minutes in length. A newer episode of the podcast was created for the Smuggler's Run update for GTA Online. It is assumed that Ron hosts the show from his home in Sandy Shores, as one of the game's artworks depicts. The radio show also has a page on LifeInvader, but none of the protagonists can access it. The show discusses multiple topics regarding conspiracy theories and paranormal activity, many of which reference real life conspiracies or myths found in previous Grand Theft Auto titles.

Various topics are shown on the program, including Aliens, the robotic apocalypse, Big Pharma, and Reptilians.

The show can be considered the successor to Area 53, a radio show about the paranormal found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

References to Previous GTA Myths

  • The "robo-pocalypse" is a reference to the Apocalypse myth, present in both GTA Vice City and in the HD Universe, as it is mentioned on the Area 53 website.
  • The line "The dead have risen and are feasting on living humans!" is about Zombies.
  • The introductory line mentions an alien named Lord Zapho, a minor character also mentioned by Simeon Yetarian and Devin Weston. According to the broadcast, Zapho is the leader of the Reptilians and is also involved in conducting alien abductions.
  • The Illuminati is frequently brought up, usually when the topic is bankers and/or corporations.

References to other media

  • Ron mentions "that movie about the Ark of the Covenant," which is a reference to the Indiana Jones series of movies.
  • At the end of the broadcast, it is said that a secret facility in Blaine County is producing a chemical nerve agent, a reference to the events in the mission Monkey Business.

Other references

  • An unnamed caller talks about "bees being gay." This is a reference to a real life conspiracy theory, which claims that the US government is developing a weapon that can turn animals gay.
  • Ron briefly mentions the Annunaki, an alien species common in real life conspiracies.
  • Ron also talks about lizard people, a real life conspiracy made famous by David Icke.
  • Both Ron and an unnamed caller talk about the Chemtrail theory.
  • When Ron says "In Brussels, they have a little boy who pees into a fountain," he is actually referring a statue that exists in the real world.

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