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The Bermuda Triangle, is a minor myth in GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA V.

GTA Vice City

The myth began sometime in 2003 on online forums. Vice City is based off Miami, one of the three vertices which makes up the Bermuda Triangle. The city is frequently hit by prodigious hurricanes and thunderstorms. Moreover, the existence of Green Clouds, Ghost Ships and Sunken Ships have also been interlinked to the myth. Flying against Invisible Barriers, loses control of the helicopters, eventually sinking it. However, the existence of an overall Bermuda Triangle hasn't been demonstrated and lacks any genuine evidence. A user named Bermuda Triangle from Vice City comments on the forums at on the in game internet in GTA IV.

GTA San Andreas

The myth returned in GTA San Andreas, when multiple players and users claimed that if you fly an aircraft far enough out into the ocean, you will lose control of your plane and the plane will crash into the water and you will get teleported to somewhere in San Andreas and receive a one-star Wanted Level. This also happens with boats. The boat will flip upside down and float on top of the water. But, when this happens, the player will not respawn, meaning they will be stuck in the middle of nowhere, they can only escape by either using cheats, swimming for hours, or the player committing suicide. Though, the Bermuda Triangle is the large patch of ocean between Puerto Rico, Florida, and the Bermuda Islands, and GTA San Andreas takes place in California and Nevada, nowhere near the original myths location. There is very little evidence to support this myth. The disappearing myth is true, but that is a game mechanic, making this myth false.


In GTA V, flying too far away from San Andreas will cause the engine of your plane to explode before crashing in the ocean. Shall the player survive the crash, it is likely that he/she will soon after be eaten by a shark. Making the existence of the Bermuda Triangle in GTA V proven.

Video Investigation

GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends - Bermuda Triangle HD-010:09

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