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The Bear is a false myth and a large animal that can be allegedly found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Players believe that there was originally a Bear in the beta version of GTA San Andreas, but it was removed from the final version, because the animations were not realistic for such animal or were hard to make back at the time the game was released.

Many skeptics of Bigfoot have made a connection between Bigfoot and Bears, and they have even claimed that bears actually exist in the game, but players mistake them for Bigfoot.

On top of the Epsilon Cult Farm in Flint County, there is a small decorative weather vane that appears to be in the shape of a bear. The weather vane is positioned at the roof of the farm house, and can be spotted easily from the ground. This led to much speculation within the GTA community about its significance, or if it had anything to do with the already existing bear myth. This weather vane can also be found on the nearby Flint County Safehouse as well, since both the Cult Farm and the Safehouse use the same farm house model. Nevertheless, some players insist that the weather vane appears to be in the shape of cattle. 

There have been rumors that players have seen bears throughout the San Andreas countryside, but these rumors are false.

Grand Theft Auto V

Before the game's release, players have speculated that Bears would appear in GTA V. However, there is no proof to back up that bears are within the game, and not even a single bear can be seen during gameplay.

On the release of the Next-Gen of the game, modders have found textures regarding a brown mammal in the PC Version of the game but with no actual 3D model, leaving the players wondering if it's a bear and if it's going to be in the game or not.

One myth is that they can be rarely found at Lago Zancudo, due to the fact that they are mentioned on a tourist information board here as being part of the local wildlife.


  • Bears appeared in Rockstar Games' hit game, Red Dead Redemption.
  • A Bear target can be found in Ammu-Nations throughtout GTA SA.


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