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Asteroid is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


The asteroid can be found in the game's files under the name "prop_asteroid.ytd", and can be spawned via trainers. After it is spawned, it appears to be huge, bigger than the player, thus being able to crush the character, as well as vehicles, which are unfortunate enough to be in its way.


Players have made several theories about the asteroid's presence in the files.

Beta Mission

This theory suggests that there was once a beta mission, which could take place in space. It is possible that the mission would be drug-induced hallucination, which could place the player in space, as there is no actual space program site in San Andreas. Some people suggest that the mission was actually not drug-induced, because it could have been scrapped very early in development, where there were plans about making a site, as the model of the asteroid is rather poor quality, suggesting it is old.

Future DLC

There are rumors that outer space, along with asteroids placed around it, will appear in a future DLC to GTA Online. The rumors also suggest presence of controllable spaceships and UFOs.


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