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Apartment 3C is one of the most infamous easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It also serves as a myth. And a myth location.

Overview and History

Apartment 3C is an apartment in Ocean Beach, Vice City. Inside the bathroom of the apartment, the bathtub is splattered with blood. There is also a chainsaw pickup next to it. The player can also find a large open suitcase containing two bags of cocaine. These two bags are a reference to the film Scarface - in which a drug deal in an apartment goes wrong - exactly 2 bags of cocaine were part of the deal. The chainsaw and bloodstains are also a clear homage to the 1983 film Scarface, specifically the scene where Tony Montana's friend Angel Fernandez is killed with a chainsaw in a bathtub. Apartment 3C is an easter egg added by Rockstar Games, as a reference to Scarface, as the film takes place in Florida, and has many Mafia inspirations. GTA Vice City even takes place in the early 1980's, just as in Scarface.


The apartment plays no role in the storyline in the finished version of Vice City, but it was originally going to be a safehouse that was gained by killing the owner of the apartment in a mission given by mafia boss Sonny Forelli.[1]Because of this Forelli connection, the Apartment murder could be related to Forelli Family Barbarity. The Chainsaw Killer is most likely responsible for the Apartment 3C massacre. Players also said that in the beta you could see a cutscene similar to the one in Scarface of the people in the apartment getting murdered with a chainsaw, resulting in the blood getting splattered on the wall. Some even say you can still see the cutscene in the final version, but there's no actual evidence of this happening. The Apartment 3C Hermes further adds to the mythical features of the apartment.

Video Investigations

GTA Vice City Myths & Legends - Apartment 3C HD05:52

GTA Vice City Myths & Legends - Apartment 3C HD





  • Apartment 3C contains an entrance to the Ghost World. If the player sprints against the bloodied wall, they can access the Ghost World.

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  1. GTA Vice City Beta Version and Removed Content by GTASeriesVideos


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