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Abandoned Hospital Ghost
Abandoned Hospital
Appearances GTA IV
GTA Chinatown Wars
Sightings Abandoned Hospital, Colony Island
Behavior SPOOKY
Existance PROVEN

The Abandoned Hospital is located on Colony Island in Grand Theft Auto IV and makes an appearance in GTA Chinatown Wars. The hospital appears in the mission The Snow Storm. It is home to many hobos and prostitutes, and it is the subject of a certain myth within the game.


The hospital is based on the real-life abandoned Smallpox hospital in Roosevelt Island, New York. The hospital is a gutted building with all the upper floors of the building collapsed and crumbling walls. It appears to have been abandoned long before the setting of the game. The Abandoned Hospital is unnamed in-game.

The myth about the ghost in the Abandoned Hospital was created sometime around the release of the game, when players ventured into the Hospital during night time, and then believed they'd seen or heard something. Most players claim that they have seen dark silhouettes and strange figures walking through the hospital. Players also said that they have heard screams. However, most of this phenomenon can be explained because there are hobos that regularly spawn in the hospital, and a generator and movable lights make a light ticking noise throughout the Hospital. 

There are small orange gas tanks scattered throughout the hospital. Some players claimed that they would explode by themselves. This is a proven glitch, and it is due to the spawn point of these gas tanks. Sometimes one of them may spawn on an incline, making it roll a short distance, rarely making it explode upon contact with another surface. These gas cans and bottles of motor oil are the explanation of the supposed 'Orange Blood' found here and in the Subway.

A possible explanation for the Ghost may be disproved by the fact that a pistol and an AK-47 spawn at this location, confusing some players because of their orange glow.

Needless to say, the hospital is a spooky location at night, and it can be easily seen why most players would think they have experienced something out of the ordinary there. 

It is also believed that the victims of Leaper's Bridge were possessed by a Ghost inhabiting the hospital, and it made them jump.

GTA IV Ghost
The ghost.

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